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At Alecks We use strategic thinking and usability expertise to create better software. Our products are elegantly simple, aesthetic, and innovative. Intelligaia specializes in user centric design (UCD) that reinforces the brand and marketing messages. We are a design driven technology company and this specialisation is a key part of our product differentiation

Our Alecks team can help you strategize to successfully take your project to market. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through excellence. For us, quality is more than making a good product. It is a continuous process, shaping our imagination and determining all our actions.

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Alecks Product Design

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    We Offer

    It is difficult to find a software package to meet your requirements exactly. Our solution, why not have the software designed around your needs! Our team will use your requirements as a brief to design a customised software package.
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    Alecks Product Design Understanding

    When we start working on your project, our goal is to make sure that the final result meets these four key objectives:
    The software appeals to the target audience: Before starting the design process, we analyze and understand the users, their desires and expectations.
    Ease of use: The user should immediately understand your offering, how to navigate the application and what the next step is.
    Effective: We may design a beautiful website, appealing to the audience. It may be extremely user-friendly and easy to use. However if it does not achieve its purpose - the site is useless. For example if you are selling a product, your site should not lead your customers to a maze of information pages. It should get your visitor to the "Thank you for your order!" page.
    Within cost and on time delivery: Our products reflect good quality design matching international standards and have quality code resulting from good programming practices and constant internal peer reviews.
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    Product Development Technology

    We have more than 7 years of proficient experience globally in all areas of website application development and production. Our resourceful services include consulting, project planning, e-platform development, database programming, custom website design, Flash sites, brand promotion and Internet marketing. We use Open Source Technologies (PHP, Perl, Ruby, RoR), Microsoft Technologies (ASP, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net) and Java Technologies (J2EE, JDBC, J2ME, JSP & Servlet)
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    Professional team to Help You

    For more than 6 years, we have been providing value-added IT services to small, medium and large scale clients in Delhi ,NCR and other states of india. Along with the development of custom solutions, our extensive research in various emerging technologies such as RFID, Code Generation, etc. have empowered us to build a portfolio of products catering to a very wide range of users. Our work ethics are guided by our extensive experience in international business and our methodologies are backed by our customer-centric quality policy which is to deliver quality solutions and services driven by effective processes, path-breaking technology, a team that strives for excellence and the continuous effort to maximize customer benefits.

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