LybZ - Alecks Library Manager

There Are Two Modules in LybZ
1.Librarian Module
2. User Module
These Are Specified In Detail Below:
Librarian Module
1. Newspapers/Magazine/Journal   2. Administration Module   3. Library Student Interaction Module   4. Report Generation    5. Acquisition And Ordering
User Module
1. Search By Accession No.    2. Search By Title    3. Search By Author.    4. Search By Publisher.    5. Search By Subject.   

Key Features Of Alecks's LybZ

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    Library Student Interaction

    1. Issue Book (with bar code)
    2. Receive Book (with bar code)
    3. Fine / Penalty Calculation For Books Received After Due Date

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    Acquisition And Ordering

    1. Make Budget For A Year For A Dept.
    2. Create / Approve Vendors For Purchase.
    3. Request For Titles Required.
    4. Budget Report
    5. List Of Purchase Orders Report
    6. List Of Invoice Orders Report
    7. Print Purchase Orders / Invoices As Your Specific Formats.
    8. Create / Approve Vendors For Binding

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    Report Generation

    1. She1lf List / Category List / Subject List
    2. Book Count
    3. Accession Register
    4. Books Available In Multiple Copies
    5. Book Wise Transaction Report
    6. Daily Books Issued / Received Report
    7. Books Issued Details To A Member
    8. Outstanding Books Against A Member
    9. List Of All Issued Books
    10. List Of All Outstanding Books
    11. Book Source Details
    12. Books Transaction In Specific Date Range
    13. Calculate Depreciation/Value Of A Material.
    14. Fine Calculation Reports
    15. Budget Reports
    16. And Many More´┐Ż..

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